Brown University Library using Open Annotation in an annotation framework for Fedora

The Brown University Library is developing an annotation framework for Fedora using the Open Annotation data model. This project will implement the Open Annotation data model for an instance of Fedora Commons digital repository software package. The investigators at Brown hope to interlink annotations built with their annotation experiment directly to the TEI-encoded texts contained in their Fedora repository in order to explore how annotations can be targeted to words, structural elements, and semantic data encoded within textual documents. This work will feature items from the Brown University Women’s Writers Project and other collections of digitized texts used by the students and faculty at Brown. This annotation demonstration experiment is being funded in part by the Open Annotation Collaboration Phase II project. For more information on Brown’s annotation demonstration experiment please contact:

Andrew Ashton
Center for Digital Scholarship
Brown University, Box A
Providence, R.I. 02912
phone: (401)863-2669

or visit

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