Initial Draft of Integrated Open Annotation – Annotation Ontology Data Model Released

We are pleased to announce that, in collaboration with the folks from the Annotation Ontology (AO) initiative, we have completed the initial merger of our two data modeling approaches.  The documents linked below represent the result of 6 months concerted effort, two face to face meetings and some initial feedback from invited experts from both groups plus the W3C.  We believe that they represent a good consensus of best practices and cross-community requests from all of the stakeholders; however, we welcome further comment and suggestions. This draft should not be considered final, pending broader, public review and discussion.

The Core Specification:

And the Extensions Specification:

We would also like to remind the community about the W3C Open Annotation Community Group. The Community Group is free to join, your institution does not need to be a member of the W3C. Participants who join agree to the terms of W3C Contributor License Agreement. While we encourage joining the Group, discussion lists of the Group are public and do not require that you be a member of the Group to read and comment.

The Open Annotation Community Group:

As a primary goal of the Open Annotation Community Group is reconciling the two specifications to produce a joint, merged data model and specification, the majority of the discussions taking place to refine the above documents will be taking place in the Community Group, rather than crossing between the various modes of communication of OAC, AO and the W3C.

We look forwards to your feedback!

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  1. The core and extensions URIs in your post both have the “.org” left off the hostname.

    • jgjett

       /  May 9, 2012

      Thanks for finding that Hugh. I’ve updated the post and the urls should now be correct.

  2. Michael Bell

     /  May 11, 2012

    Links in this post don’t seem to be working today. . . .

    • jgjett

       /  May 11, 2012

      Hi Michael. I have no good explanation of why this is. If you copy and paste the text of the link into your browser they resolve just fine. I’ll see if there is an issue with the underlying html.

      *UPDATE* – The links have been repaired.


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