Open Annotation Beta Data Model Released!

The Collaboration is pleased to announce the release of the Beta version of the Open Annotation data model. This version follows on from discussions at the Workshop held in March in Chicago, and should inform the experiments currently starting up after the awards made from the RFP. Note that there are no changes from the Alpha3 model, only additions and clarifications. In particular:
• There is a discussion document ( about how to deal with multiple constraints. Any feedback on this issue is greatly appreciated.
• There is clarification of the machine readable body annotation pattern in the Guidelines document.
• There is a document listing the different types of constraint known, and a wiki area set up for community development of further constraints.
• There is a document that will list different types (classes) of annotation, and the same sort of wiki area for development.
Further examples will be available over the next few weeks, and we welcome any submissions of new example documents.